An “Almost” Injury

I’m trying to stay positive, but a little training frustration is getting to me lately.  June and July’s training was great – I felt like superwoman and I was seeing SO many improvements.  I hit the “groove”.  Then August came with some setbacks: getting sick, missing a race, making up for the race with a later one (Austin TriRock) and not recovering properly. 

It’s my own fault – I raced really hard on Labor Day then went into a big weekend of long runs and rides without much recovery, so now my left calf is giving me trouble.  I don’t think it’s badly strained, but feels very tight/sore when I run, so it’s my “almost” injury that I don’t want to turn into a real injury.  I iced it most of Monday and didn’t run on it for a few days, but I could tell this morning during the 20-minute run part of our brick that it was still very tight and could cause trouble on a long run.    So my plan for the next 5 days is NO running and to focus on swimming & core instead, with maybe a short bike ride by Sunday (<– writing it down will keep my accountable!).  It kills me to get off schedule and lose some fitness, but at the same time, I hate to do further damage and compromise my race.  David keeps reminding me that we could do a 70.3 tomorrow if we needed, and not to worry too much since we’re in taper mode anyway. 

Plus, I’d hate to get injured during the race and forfeit some of my other planned fall races.  So I keep reminding myself I need to stay steady during Kerrville and to not focus too much on time/speed, but rather realizing that finishing my first one will be a big accomplishment. 

Speaking of upcoming races, I’m signed up for LOTS of runs, since Fall/Winter is running season around here:

  • Ten for Texas: 10 miles, Oct 13.  We do this one every year in The Woodlands and it’s a very well organized race.  It really marks fall for me.
  • Houston Color Run: 5k for fun, Nov 11.  Very excited to run this crazy one with our friends Amanda and Justin
  • GE Run thru the Woods: Thanksgiving Day, 5 miles.  Who doesn’t love a good turkey trot before stuffing your face on Thanksgiving??!
  • Dallas Half Marathon: Dec 9.  We did this one with Laura & Bryan last year and vowed not to do it again, but of course we signed up for it once they asked us to 🙂
  • Houston Marathon: Jan 13.  I’m signed up for the full, but it’s very likely I’ll drop back to the half. 

Events I’m eyeing, depending on my travel schedule and how I feel:

  • Snapping Tortuga (2.5k swim, Oct 14)
  • Livestrong Austin (65 or 100 mi bike, Oct 21)
  • Houston Half or Katy Firethorne Sprint Tri (Oct 28)
  • Oilman Texas HIM or Tour de Donut (Nov 4, I’d only do Oilman if I felt REALLY strong after Kerrville, so eating donuts might be a better choice!)

4 thoughts on “An “Almost” Injury

  1. I think you should put your feet up, watch whatever tv shows you want, and make David wait on you. Just sayin’

    Sorry to hear you’re a little poorly, but you’re a smart cookie for taking care of yourself now. Better safe than sorry. 🙂

    take care girl,

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