Bikes and Bars

Today was odd, just odd.  We had a real mix of things happen.  First off, it was upper 60’s (*Texas cold front*) when we got up, so we slept in a little before heading out for a  long brick of a 3.5+hr bicycle ride / 30-min. run.  On our drive out, we were exiting one highway to get to another, and we came across a very bad motorcycle accident that had just taken place.  We found a woman lying on her back, wedged under the barrier where the exit split.  It looked like the group of motorcycles had made a last minute decision to cut across the barrier and maybe hit it, or they must have taken a sharp turn and she went sliding.

There were two men from the motorcycle group attending to her, and luckily she was awake and talking.  David called 911, and we gave them a blanket from our car while waiting for the ambulance to arrive.  I’d never witnessed an emergency situation quite like that, and it really shook me up; I was happy to have David there who remained calm and knew what to do.  I heard her say “I can’t believe this is happening”, and it was sad to see her bruised and unable to move.  Her make-up was still perfectly done; she definitely didn’t plan on having that happen that morning.  Luckily the ambulance arrived soon, and we think she was going to be alright but with some very bad leg injuries.    It made me think twice about snap decisions people make, such as cutting across barriers – better to take the wrong exit and add a few minutes to your journey than change years of your life.  I also learned I need to improve my first aid supplies in my car – turns out I had flares that didn’t work and my first aid kit was nothing but band-aids & antiseptic.  Safety fail.

After that eye-opening encounter, we continued on our way out to Chappell Hill, where we’d planned the brick.  We were surprised when we got there to see lots of cars, fancy bikes, team uniforms… a road race!  It just so happened they were racing the same area we were riding – so we adjusted our route a little, but actually got to see a lot of pelotons in action and cheer them on!  I love to see good cycling in action.  We both considered entering the race, but after running 11 miles the day before our legs were kind of sore and decided it would just be depressing.  Maybe a road race sometime next year though??

Oh, and since we slept in and stopped for the accident, our ride didn’t get started until much later than usual.  In my rush, I sprayed myself with sunscreen, but avoided my Garmin and got this lovely stencil thanks to the noon sun.  Great.  Time to accessorize with some chunky bracelets.


The other crazy thing that happened, is that while on the bike ride we witnessed another motorcycle accident!  This time the ambulance was already at the site, but it was again a woman lying on the ground that was somehow thrown from her motorcycle.  Was bad luck following us? Yikes!

We were happy to make it back from the ride safe and sound, but ravenous, despite some pretty consistent eating on the ride.  I’d thought ahead and spent the afternoon before stocking up on homemade bars, which are always a life-saver at the end of long rides.   First, our favorite post-ride savory snack, Allen Lim’s rice cakes:


And second, a sweet treat, Anne P’s No-Bake Granola BarsI used almond butter and roasted the pumpkin seeds and they are de-licious!  Be prepared for a healthy amount of chia to get stuck in your teeth though 😉


We ended the day with a quick ice bath – something we don’t normally do, but given some very tired muscles, it wasn’t a bad idea.    Had we been in Austin, we could have jumped into chilly Barton Springs, but being in Houston, a gas station stop for bags of ice had to do 🙂 

That’s all for today, be safe my friends!

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