Labor Day Getaway

As you might have noticed, most of our weekend getaways end up in Austin – we love that town!  We actually took one of our first trips together to Austin on Labor Day weekend in 2009 (3 years ago – whoa), when we visited the Capitol building, the UT campus and took dips in chilly Barton Springs.



Young and just falling in love Smile Oh, and this is my favorite “my balls are cold!” picture.  Don’t judge until you jump in Barton Springs yourself!


But back to Labor Day weekend 2012; we wanted to try a few new things, and Hamilton Pool has been on David’s list for a couple years now.  It’s a collapsed cave with a swimming hole out in the hill country about 45 minutes outside of Austin.   You have to get there pretty early (preferably a weekday) because they only let a set amount of people in at a time; it’s really small.  It’s a short hike down, then you find this secluded spot:



Pretty neat, huh?  We sat on the little beach and at our lunches – there was a new Whole Foods in Bee Caves on the way, and since I must visit every WF I see, we stopped for some delicious sandwiches – turkey, brie and fig jam on chia bread.  I’m not a sandwich person, but these were was darn good!

We sunned and swam a bit, until a water moccasin was spotted slithering around the little lake.  At that point it was time for me to get out.  Plus I could feel the little fishies nibbling at my feet.  We took a hike around the cave, which was the prettier area anyway.


Since it’s Austin, and Austin’s weird, there was a sexy alien photo shoot going on:


So then David and I got to posing.  My husband is such a male model wanabee and better poser than I am (he did go to Halloween as Zoolander one year).




The collapsed cave was a neat natural wonder to see, but I’d definitely go early and not on a weekend, because it could get crowded very quickly.  We also stopped by Reimer’s Ranch Park, right next to Hamilton Pool since a park ranger had recommended it.  Reimer’s Ranch is undergoing a lot of renovations for mountain bike trails and climbing routes;  we took a short hike to a climbing area and could see it would be a really cool place to try climbing or biking someday.


The remainder of the weekend was spent doing a  few mandatory Austin things – MasterPancake Theater, margaritas on the lake, a hilly run near Town Lake.  And some guitar playing.


We also squeezed in a quick trip to San Antonio to visit with my granny; she was doing really well and seemed very happy this time!


The last two days of the four-day weekend were spent prepping for our triathlon, and even enjoying a pre-race pasta dinner with our friends in Pflugerville.  Thinking of heading to Austin?  Check out my list of favorites.  It’s a fun town with a little something for everyone.

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