HIM Training: Week 12

Week 12 complete, and “just another drop in the bucket for your training goals” as my Body Pump instructor would say.  David and I were finally getting over being sick last week, but managed to get our workouts in without pushing it too much.

It was planned as a “rest” week:




And we worked to keep it at that:


I’ve tried to amp up my core routine, and thanks to Erin’s advice (who is just awesome and a fitness inspiration!), I’ve been using Tweakfit’s 30-min core routine woven in with my regular core workout, and I’m feeling the difference already. 

Our Olympic Triathlon was planned for Monday, so we kept it light the latter half of the week.  Friday was a just for fun workout.  We decided to try biking Jester Blvd, supposedly the steepest road in Austin with anywhere from a 12% – 20% grade. 


Maybe my pictures don’t look too steep, but here’s the downhill view, so you can see what I mean (source):

Definitely the most challenging 1-mile ride I’ve ever done!  Ten minutes later I was pouring with sweat.  I only did it once and had shaky muscles, but David felt like doing it twice.  No thank you!  It felt pretty sweet to conquer it though – I was Queen of Jester for a day.


Between being sick and tapering, our mileage last week was super low, but I’m not too worried; I’m still feeling gains in my swimming and maintaining the other two.  September we’ll amp it up a bit before we taper again.

  • Swim: 4100m
  • Bike: 18mi
  • Run: 12.5 mi

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