HIM Training: Week 11

Hey, glad y’all liked my post on what dumb blondes we are!  Seriously, even my 80-year old grandmother commented on Facebook that for engineers we aren’t so smart – thanks for reminding us, Granny 😉

So the schedule was supposed to look like this with an Olympic tri to end the week:


But after our mishap here’s what really went down:


  • Swimming: 5800m
  • Running: 7 miles
  • Biking: 57 miles

Not the greatest week for distance, but I think I’m almost over my sickness.  Today (Sunday) we had fun doing a swim/bike brick.  David wanted to test how he’d feel going from the swim to the bike, since that’s the leg he’s most concerned about.  We did a 2,000m swim at Lake 288 where I smoked him.  Not really, but I came in only a couple minutes ahead of him and he was very frustrated!  Then he kicked my butt on the bike to make up for it. 

Doing the swim / bike brick was a nice change, and made me realize I need to drink lots of water before the start of a long swim – I was so thirsty during it!  I also have to watch what I’m eating / drinking on the bike – maybe a little more sports drink and an extra Gu.  Speaking of Gu, this Energy Gel Comparison article is pretty interesting.  I’m a Gu girl myself; I like a little shot of caffeine during a bike or run, and they never upset my stomach.  I’m kind of curious to try Honey Stinger.  Has anyone tried these?

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