Puzzled Blondes

So about that race report I mentioned last post… yeah, it won’t be happening.  We were happily enjoying our Saturday and resting for what we thought was our Sunday triathlon, when I looked on Facebook and my heart sank.  There were photos of other triathletes on the race course because the race was on SATURDAY not SUNDAY!! Sad smile  Trust me, I was bummed.  I don’t know how it got on to my calendar as a Sunday race, but it’s been there for 4 or 5 months and neither David nor I realized it was actually a Saturday race.  We had both read the race instructions, but upon further review, somewhere in the middle of the packet it said Saturday.  Dumb blonde mistake!!!

Oh well, it happened and there’s nothing I can do about it, as David keeps kindly reminding me!  Lesson learned; I’ll be double checking dates next time for sure.  We had both been very excited about the tri since it would be our first Olympic distance one.

On the bright side, sort of, I had woken up sick this morning (the lingering sickness from London continues), so I went to the doctor and got some meds.  Maybe racing just wasn’t in the cards; I would have felt pretty terrible anyway.  Plus, we’ve distracted our selves with tons of errands, selling stuff on eBay, and even we started a puzzle.  Maybe it will take my mind off the race that never was.


AND the really good thing is that we happen to have a trip planned to Austin next weekend where an Olympic distance tri is being held on Labor Day – so yep, we just signed up!  Puzzle solved 😉


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