Home, Sweet Home

Man, does it feel good to be home!  Not that London is a terrible place to travel to, but I just love my life at home too much to leave it.  Plus, I’ve had a lot of sinus issues going to London the past couple times.  I was told that the regular Houston to Heathrow flight we take comes from Nigeria and they “spray the crap out of it” with bug spray before we board.  I can’t say if it’s true, but both my co-worker and I have had trouble.

I had grand plans for long evening runs and hotel room workouts, but I didn’t do much other than work since I felt sick.  I did get out one evening and managed a 3-ish mile walk to the nearest Whole Foods for dinner (it was only supposed to be 2 miles, but I took a wrong turn).  Right outside my hotel was St. James Park, near Buckingham Palace:


The Whole Foods was farther north, near Piccadilly Circus:


There were still quite a few remnants from the Olympics; the flags above, some parks still under construction (tear-down), and lots of Olympic paraphernalia.  I passed by a patriotic Swarovski shop and thought of my mother-in-law:


Go USA!  Ok, after my 10-hour flight on which I finished a book and watched two movies, I’m tired of looking at screens, so it’s time to sign off! 

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