HIM Training: Week 9

Nine weeks already?  Nice!!  That means I’m over half way.  And this week I was training solo… can you tell where my husband flew off to?


Yeah, he was in Seoul.  Only for two and a half days; he was very bummed he’d be missing his workouts and worried that I’d be getting ahead.  Silly boy Winking smile  He did a 1,000’ city hike while he was there to keep moving.  I, on the other hand, continued with my normal schedule of sleep, workout, eat lots, workout, watch Olympics, repeat.  The workout lined out for the week was:


You’ll be proud to see I actually took a pink rest day Friday:


I had to do a time trial mile (hated the mile in HS!) and PR’ed with 6:40 min.  And in other random news, I got video taped swimming today, so I’m going to hear back an analysis on that soon.  I discussed my swim goals and current swim schedule with the coach and his feedback was something like “Your swim form is actually pretty good.  To improve and get better technique, you need more time in the pool, meaning double your 4,000-6,000m per week to 12,000… to build strength, etc.”  12,000m per week?!  I’d be a fish.  I can appreciate his advice,, and don’t doubt that more swimming would be good for me, I just have to get the want to drag myself to the pool more often. 

Ok, time for bed!  I have an early swim class before catching a flight to London tomorrow.  Cheers!

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