HIM Training: Week 8

What part of “rest week” do we not understand?  We were supposed to have two days of rest, and instead, I’ve worked out every day, completed my longest open water swim ever and my fastest group ride of the year… both great successes, but a little more work than was in the plan, which originally was:


Somehow it morphed to this, with no pink days:


I was doing fine until Friday, which was a good opportunity for an Open Water Swim.  I hadn’t been to Lake 288 for a couple months, and Houston Racing Triathlon members swim there for free on Friday afternoons, so I didn’t want to pass it up.  I decided I’d test myself and see if I could do 4 triangular laps, at 500m each.  But I did it, and had improved my time since the last time I’d been to the lake – 2,000m straight is a big confidence booster for the 70.3.  If you’re curious, yes, the water there is extremely warm right now; a bit suffocating. 

The over-achieving didn’t stop there.  David asked to do a long bike on Saturday and we agreed to try Saturday Ride, a fast group ride that leaves town from our neighborhood.  And fast it was, but of course, riding in a big group with a draft is way different than solo riding.  It felt good to be keeping up with a group that was doing 22 mph avg with surges at 27 mph; I hadn’t lost my edge in cycling Smile  That didn’t mean I wasn’t completely exhausted by the end.  At the start of the ride, I was asking David “so you want to brick after this?” and by the end of the ride it was “forget bricks!”.  The overall ride was good and friendly; I enjoyed meeting some nice girl cyclists, and parts of the route were pretty, like the shot below (courtesy of Saturday Ride).


Lastly, David was going to be busy with work Sunday, so he requested an 8-mile run to start the day.  Hello, humidity.  Nothing like running past sprinklers and not really caring because you’re already wet enough with sweat.  During our humbling run to River Oaks and back, we started calculating our pace compared to the men’s Olympic 10k pace, and realized in the time we ran one mile, they could run two – wow.  Then later I saw the women’s Olympic marathon, and realized each of their 26 miles is faster than my one mile PR, ha ha.  

Ok, no more Olympic comparisons for now; it’s time for me to go get my teeth cleaned!  

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