HIM Training: Week 7

I hit a little bit of a wall last week, and wasn’t particularly thrilled about any of the workouts.  Luckily, this week the Olympians have inspired me, so things are looking up!

I love this video of Olympian Lolo Jones, 100m hurdler.  There are so many good things in it: “pumpkin seeds are the secret”, green juice, her Weimaraner, and her attitude.  My favorite quote is “When the starter says ‘Runners take your mark’, you’re actually in the eye of the storm at that point… it’s the most peaceful, beautiful moment because you have all this energy and everything you’ve worked for is just all built up and you’re just ready for it to be released.”   I need to remember that during my races.

So on to the training report; week 7 was more of the same:


I didn’t change the schedule too much, with the exception of a rest day instead of the 90-minute planned bike ride.  It just didn’t seem like it would add much except for really tired legs.


Saturday was the longest run of the season; I made the huge mistake of following a couple girls out who went out fast and didn’t really warm up.  I really love a good negative split, and this messed up my whole run – guess I deserve it for not listening to myself.  Despite the bad start, had I gone a couple more miles I would have had a half marathon PR, so I’m pretty pleased with that.

Week 8 is a “rest” week, meaning two whole days of rest!  Looking forward to it. 


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