Columbus-Fayetteville Ride: A New Favorite!

Good Morning everyone!  Hope your weekend was as great like mine; and by great I mean it was filled with workouts, was slightly productive, and included a lot Olympics watching.  I definitely love watching such amazing athletes!  I’m looking forward to the triathlon event since I’m knee deep in training myself.

One of the weekend workouts was our Sunday long brick.  We headed out to Columbus where I found a new favorite cycling route – one that David and I made up on our own, believe it or not!  If you know us, you know directions aren’t our strength.  We did a 50-miler, starting in Columbus, riding to a few the roads we love around Fayetteville (where we biked last weekend), through Frelsburg, then back down to Columbus.  There’s minimal traffic, except for FM 1291 going out of Fayetteville, and a General Store to refuel at in Fayetteville.


Columbus a little over an hour outside of Houston, and has a quiet, old-timey feel; you couldn’t hear anything but the birds chirping on Sunday morning .  There’s a cute park there (with restrooms – a plus) that you can park in. 


Here’s me & my training buddy, who says “all this training makes me feel like the Energizer Bunny” – I swear, there’s not much that wears him out!


Starting off, you ride through some really picturesque old bridges:


Then go to warp speed!


Just kidding; I definitely wasn’t at warp speed after running 11 miles the day before.  We just tried to keep a low heart rate and high cadence on all the hills.  There are some great rolling hills on this ride – it goes through some gorgeous countryside where we saw tons of deer and even some exotic game Oryx (gazelle).


And in contrast, on the way back to Columbus you get to ride through some shady pine forests:


But the shade didn’t last long enough.  By mile 50 it was almost noon and the sun was in full force.  We still had a 30 minute run ahead of us and meandered through town where some onlookers said “don’t run too hard, you’ll get tired.”  But wait, I am tired.  Luckily, we stayed strong and finished it out, but felt about like this afterwards:


Are you getting tired of sweaty pictures of us?  Me too… I think a date night is warranted soon. 

Total time was 4 hours (3.5hr bike, 30 min run), 2 Gus, 1 chewy, 1/2 bag of chomps and 1 PureFit bar for me.  A gazillion Gus for David.  Still working on the hydration; the goal is 1 bottle/hour, but it’s always less than that.  Ok, enjoy your Monday and “don’t work too hard, you’ll get tired”!

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