The Weekend Run Routine

Last night I told you I was ready for pasta night at the Breaux house – I wasn’t lying, Friday night is almost always pasta night around here.  Sounds pretty lame, I know, but I kind of love it.  Routines can be comforting in a way.  Plus when you have a 5 AM or earlier wake up call for a long run the next morning, it’s the only way to go.

Back to Friday night; dinner is usually spaghetti over quinoa pasta.  It’s a little lighter than regular pasta, and works really well as pre-race fuel.  We also really like ground buffalo or lean beef for the meat.  And I like a salad on the side with this dressing.


Saturday morning is generally early; for those of you in Houston, you know it gets hot quickly, so our runs start around 5 or 6 AM.  I read recently that “Houston has the heat of west Texas plus the humidity of New Orleans” – so true!   Anyway, I usually eat a waffle or two before running (Van’s minis are my fave waffles lately) plus some jam or nut butter.   Then it’s off to meet our group, Houston Fit for a long run.

This weekend I tried running with my new Bic Band.  I heard from that they are the best bands EVER and don’t move at all, so I had to try them.  Here’s the before and after shots after an 11 mile run; pretty amazing, no?!  (don’t mind the nasty, sweaty post-run hair, it was humid WET this morning).


Needless to say, I’m already in love and about to order a couple more!  PS – also in love with my new Lulu pink sports bra & shorts, yay for bright colors being in style!!   Ok, so continuing on with the morning routine, I grab a really quick bite (more nut butter or handful of granola) before 20 minutes of abs & stretching.


I know, planks are hard, but when I had a hip injury, my PT told me that planks are the most effective ab exercise, and I definitely believe her – and I’m injury free now.

Lastly, I shower and get CLEAN, then David and I make breakfast together.  Post-run breakfasts are one of my favorite parts of the day.  It’s usually pancakes, steel cut oats, or something fun that I might not have time to make during the week.  Today’s was a bagel with muenster cheese, 1 egg and blackberry jam.  My cousin and world-class traveler Megan showed me the cheese & jam combo while we were traveling in Brazil.  I didn’t believe her at first, but this is a seriously good combo!!  Salty + sweet = satisfied post-run Brittany.  Oh, and a kombucha on the side doesn’t hurt either!


And now I’m ready for a nap 🙂  Thanks for reading and have a great Saturday!

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