HIM Training: Week 6

Do you think we have enough water bottles? P7200011

The sad thing is, that’s not the amount of water bottles we own, just the amount that we went through in the latter half of last week; our dishwasher and laundry are out of control!!  I guess triathlons do that to you.  Continuing on with my weekly training update, you’ll notice there aren’t too many changes from last week; here is the planned schedule:

Fullscreen capture 7232012 43255 PM.bmp

The actual schedule is below; I made some adjustments to the plan to fit in David’s birthday weekend, but nothing drastic.  Overall, I made the executive decision that a rest day each week would be more beneficial than a 90-min bike ride, and that a long run would be more worthwhile than three bricks per week.  That’ll bring us to 2 swims, 2 runs, and 2 bricks – plus 2 Body Pumps for me and the occasional open water swim.  Sounds tiring, and it is, but about right for a couple that is already fairly proficient in biking.

Fullscreen capture 7232012 43356 PM.bmp

The only other thing is that we aren’t doing a full 75-min swim as prescribed; my team practices are 60 minutes and David only has a 60 minute lunch.  But I’m feeling relatively good about the swim and got a good confidence boost when I did a 2,000m pool swim without stopping last Monday.  Honestly, we’re ready in all the distances, so from here on out, we’re just working on improving speed and race/nutrition strategies.  And by nutrition strategy, I mean trying not to eat the heck out of anything and everything I see.

20120429_113027Training Appetite = Out of Control!

Ok y’all, I’m off to a relaxing night of The Bachelorette Finale with my friend Amanda – I call that some good  recovery time!  Winking smile

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