Jump Around, Jump Around

Jump up, jump up and get down! 

This weekend was a blast!  I mentioned earlier this week that it was David’s 30th; I couldn’t let a big birthday like that go without a real celebration.  David didn’t know that his brother-in-law and sister, Bryan & Laura, would be driving in from Dallas for the weekend – he loves hanging out with them, so it was the perfect surprise.


We joined a group of friends for a great dinner at Zelko, which is probably my favorite Heights restaurant right now – quaint, intimate, and outstanding food.  We sampled Sprinkles cupcakes back at the apartment afterwards, thanks to Mandy.

Since David is still a big kid, I decided a kid-themed weekend would be perfect for a 30th birthday.  First stop was a Trampoline Park.  On the drive over, "Jump Around” came on the radio – how fitting!  We went to Sky High Sports in Houston where an hour of jumping was only $10.  After just 15 minutes of jumping we were breathing hard and commenting on how much of a workout it was.  I would definitely bring my kids here to wear them out if I had kids!


We played around on the main area (shown in the pictures), a foam pit you can do flips in to, and even got to play Dodgeball on trampolines. 


I loved the way the trampolines made me feel like a kid again (we had one growing up); I couldn’t stop laughing/smiling.


I’ll warn you other big kids though – we were all very sore the next day after just an hour of jumping!  Be careful if you’re getting up there in age like us Winking smile  Since the trampoline wore us out, the rest of Saturday had to be low-key.  We hit up the SPCA since I’d never been, and met some dogs, even though David and I won’t seriously look for a dog until after the 70.3.   Later that evening it was Tacos-A-Go-Go for some delicious, spicy tacos.IMG_20120721_200701

We ended the night with Up, THE most adorable animated movie!!  If you haven’t seen it, you absolutely have to.  Not only is it cute and funny, but the music and artistry are amazing. 

Source: http://movies.nytimes.com/2009/05/29/movies/29up.html

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