It’s the End of the World as We Know It

David didn’t know another surprise was waiting for him on Sunday.  How can you celebrate a birthday without a cake?


I wanted David’s parents to get in on the celebration too, and of course they were game!  David’s mom hosted a party that was nothing less than professionally done.


Since David doesn’t have a favorite cake flavor, but absolutely loves candy, she made him a Gummy Bear Cake.  I would have thought it was something she bought, but she made it all herself!  I loved the decorative ribbons and candles.



We got to watch David make a wish,


Four tiers of gummy bear-colored cake were waiting.  Isn’t it just awesome?!


David also got a huge gift basket with a bunch of things that define his 30-years of life: rocket launcher, water balloons, beach stuff, running/tri goodies, lots of candy and more.  My favorite item was lyrics to REM’s The End of the World.  David memorized the song many years ago and loved to sing it over and over, so it reminded Mrs. Breaux of him.  And it seemed like a good song for a 30th birthday – just kidding, David, the best years are yet to come Smile

After some gift giving and filling up on cake and coconut ice cream, we opted for a game of LIFE.  I hadn’t played this in forever! 


It was cut-throat.


I chose not to go to college to see what life would deal me.  I ended up being a starving artist, then transitioned later to a high dollar athlete.  Not bad I guess?  Funny thing was we all ended up with way too many kids.  My mom could only wish for this many grand-babies. 


Ah, and so goes life.  We all retired, then it was time for us to retire.  Mrs. Breaux sent us home with a fruit pizza (David’s other favorite dessert).  We were too stuffed to eat it after the cake, but can’t wait to dig into it soon!


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