A Gu-ey Situation

Last night was a real treat; I didn’t feel like cooking, so we ordered pizza.  I thought about it, and we hadn’t had pizza delivered the whole time we’d been in our apartment – about two years!  Sounded like a winner.


I added some kale chips on the side to get some greens in the mix.  We ordered from Pink’s Pizza;  I always have high expectations for a local pizza place like Pink’s, but it was too cheesy and I didn’t care for the sauce.  We also tried the gluten free crust, and it was comparable to cardboard.  David and I are big pizza Margherita fans, and love a thin, crispy crust with dollops of Mozzarella. 

My next meal was much better.  An early morning wake-up call for a long brick meant an Udi’s bagel plus Justin’s honey PB to go!


Since it’s our Friday off (we work a 9/80 schedule: 9 hour days with every other Friday off), we took advantage of the nice weather and hit the road to Fayetteville, TX for a 3-hr ride followed by a 30-min run.  I was feeling hot pink today.


I laughed when David pulled his bike out of the car:


Upon closer inspection, you’ll notice he has not one, not two, but FIVE Gu’s taped to his bike.  This is his favorite method to avoid bonking. 


I, on the other hand, like a mix of solid foods plus Gu.  I think I ate 2 Gu’s, 1 PB PureFit bar and 1 Chewy bar during the 3.5 hour brick, along with a mix of water and Skratch Labs Secret Drink Mix.

Fayetteville is one of my favorite places to ride around here.  It’s a long drive from H-town (1.5 hrs) but worth it.  There are lots of country roads, lovely rolling hills, and cattle to moo at. We encountered hardly any traffic and only nice dogs.

P7190005  After 3 slightly windy hours, it was time for the run part of the brick.  It was HOT by late morning.


Phew – long brick for the weekend DONE.  Tonight we’re celebrating David’s birthday with friends, but maybe I need to get in a nap first Winking smile

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