The Couple that Trains Together

Stays together!


These weeks go by in a blur with the sheer amount of training we have, but David has been super supportive AND has surprised me with the amount of training he’s putting in himself.  He admits it’s partly because he doesn’t want to be beat by his wife – I like to tease him, even though I know it’s a slim chance I’d come in first!  But honestly, it’s great to have a training partner and someone that keeps you accountable.

The rain continues here and we had a fairly wet hill training on Tuesday morning (if you couldn’t tell by our shoes above).  Muddy hills aren’t my fave, but we got it done.  Our hill training with Houston Fit is pretty simple but effective:

  • 1-mile Warm-up + foot drills (high knees, butt kicks, long strides)
  • 7-mins hills on a hilly course with cones, followed 3 mins rest x 4
  • Cool-down

The coaches increase the time each week and/or shorten the rest break, so I really think it helps with recovery & speed.  A lot of people ask – where do you find hills in Houston?  There aren’t many, but a few exist: Spotts Park, Stude Park, the “Clover Leaf” (Memorial & Waugh intersection; 1 lap is ~1mi), and Allen Parkway.  We do what we can in such a flat metropolis.

Tomorrow is David’s 30th – the big 3-0!  We’re starting the day off with a short brick, so that we can enjoy the evening later and not worry about training.  Happy End-Of-the-Week!!

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