HIM Training Week 5

Howdy Everyone!  Another week has gone by.  The training schedule this week had to be juggled once again because of thunderstorms.  This is SO unlike Houston summer.  I think it was down to 80 degrees the other day – wha??

Planned workouts were:


I ended up with 2 rest days and a lot of double-workout days due to the storms.  We were pretty lucky on both bricks and just missed some really stormy weather as we finished.


Not quite as much time in the pool as I’d like, but when I was there I it was pretty darn tough.

Saturday was great – I ran a quick 8 miles with my friend Jen and felt surprisingly good the rest of the day.  My runs have been steadily improving which is just an awesome feeling!  Since post-run breakfasts are one of my favorite things in the world, I made David and myself protein pancakes with lots of fruit, also known by David as a “pancake orgy”:


The orchid pictured above is a impulse purchase made while I was pining for a puppy. Since I was at the grocery store, an orchid was the closest compromise at the time Smile

Next up on Sunday was our long brick; this week we increased our brick time again to a 3-hour bike followed by a 30-min run.  We ended up with a hilly 3.5hr, 50+ mile bike then a 30 min run in Chappell Hill.  It was tough, but great training for a hilly 70.3 like Kerrville.  I planned ahead and made Allen Lim’s Rice Cakes (bacon-egg-soy sauce deliciousness explained here) for after the ride.  You can’t go wrong when you mix up David’s favorite ingredients:


Then make them into bars:


Since I was in a cooking mode, I also whipped up some Amazeballs (cookie dough protein balls) for snacking:


And made salmon for dinner, using the “salmon perfected” method.


Yeah, there’s a lot of white rice above.  That’s not all we eat, but David can really chow down rice, and I believe it’s an easily digestible, great fuel for cyclists.  We eat brown rice, potatoes and quinoa a lot too.

You’ll see I’m trying to cook as often as possible, because this tri training can cause your appetite to get out of control, and I’m trying to prevent myself from pigging out on junk food!  (David on the other hand is craving some Mickie D’s and devouring a bag of chips this moment)  It’s weird because there’s a fine line between understanding if you’re starving or stuffing yourself with excess calories.  And if you don’t get your intake right during a workout, you might be hungry the rest of the day. So you’ll see lots of attempts for healthy, quick meals, that might be a little more dense than they’d be on a regular basis.

And one last update… our garden’s still rockin’ after all this rain.  I cut a bunch of the basil and made some basil-walnut pesto last night.


And the basil we planted outside our porch as it was dying turned into a tree!! Unfortunately I don’t love the taste of it for some reason, otherwise, I’d be in pesto-making heaven.


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