The 4th Continued… in Chi-Town!

It’s kind of crazy, but both David’s sister Laura and my sister Elise are 4th of July babies, both born in ‘85!  I was always SO jealous that Elise got fireworks on her birthday, and couldn’t understand why I didn’t get them on mine too – typical first child Winking smile

After celebrating Laura’s birthday in The Woodlands on the 4th, we flew to Chicago to visit Elise & her boyfriend Mike.  Of course, since Chicago always has ridiculous weather when I visit, it was of course hotter than Texas when we arrived.

First things first, Elise whisked us over to The Peasantry, a restaurant she had painted the walls for.  She’s a pretty amazing artist!  She does it with spray paint and stencils.  The restaurant has a kangaroo, octopus, pigs, snails – all sorts of animals she drew!


The food was very unique and tasty; it’s “upscale street food”.  I tried rabbit pasta (sorry animal lovers, don’t hate, I’d never tried rabbit and was intrigued), and the others had things like duck-chicken wings and mussels.  The rabbit was surprisingly good, a little like brisket.


The next morning Elise, David and I hit up Lakeshore drive for a run.  We didn’t get started until later that morning, so it was a HOT run.  After knocking out 7 miles, we came straight back home for a nap!

Later we had some girl time and got pedis, then since Chicago is all about tasty food, we stopped by a hole-in-the-wall Korean joint for Bibimbap.  Bibimbap was one of my favorite dishes when my family lived in Korea (while I was in college).  Our family LOVED Korean food.  Here they are eating some Bulgolgi.  My little sisters would probably hate me posting this blast from the past Winking smile


Ahh, Korea, so many good memories like shopping life on base:

Summer 02_03 094Summer 02_03 061

But let’s back to present day.  Bibimbap is sticky rice, a variety of cooked/pickled Korean vegetables, meat (tofu in our case) and and egg on top.  Mix it together with Sriracha sauce and it’s rice bowl heaven.  This version was pretty Americanized, but I really liked the tofu and corn addition:

We also took Marty for a walk that afternoon, but Marty didn’t feel like posing for the camera.

That evening, Elise took us to a fancy wine bar with great views of the Chicago skyline, and I had my first real fondue – definitely won’t be my last!

The rest of the weekend included a beach volleyball day, movie in the park, brunch and Bocce ball.  David and I even jumped into Lake Michigan to cool off and it was nice and clear and cold.  Those winter icebergs must help keep it cool in the summer!

I sadly had to say bye to Marty.

Parting wasn’t too bad though, because we stopped by Molly’s Cupcakes to bring some fab cupcakes home to share with our friend Boudreaux.  They didn’t disappoint and were devoured pretty quickly.  Thanks Elise for a weekend of fun in the sun and lots of treats!

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