HIM: Week 4 Recap & 4th of July

Our HIM schedule goes 3 weeks hard (no rest days), 1 week easy (2 rest days) x 4 for a total of 16 weeks.  Week 4 was the end of our first 4-week block.

I knew we’d be on vacation in Chicago to see Elise, my sister, on the weekend after the 4th of July, so the rest week fell perfectly.  We planned to do our long brick on the 4th while we were still in Texas, and then a long run in Chicago:


We pretty much stuck with the plan, except we a thunderstorm pushed our Tuesday swim to Wednesday.


Our long brick on Wednesday the 4th was kind of crazy.  We were up in The Woodlands staying with David’s family, so we thought we’d sneak out really early and do the brick while everyone was sleeping.  We drove 45 minutes north to a hilly route in Montgomery.  As we unloaded our bikes, David realized he had a blow out (busted tire) while we were setting up to ride!  It must have happened while the bikes sat in the hot car the day before.  So back home to get a new tire it was.  Then we got stopped by a cop and given a warning (we were going < 5mph over the posted limit!).  So finally we got back home to change the tire, started our ride, then David got ANOTHER blow out.  He is very lucky he has supportive parents that would give him the shirt off their back, or tire off their own bike, in this case.  Luckily, we finally got the workout in by doing laps closer to his parents’ house, plus there will still pancakes when we got home, so we didn’t do too badly!

Speaking of “home”, I admit I love going to my in-laws’ house, it really feels like home, and there is something about the tradition of holidays with family that I appreciate so much.  I loved watching the dogs (Phoebe & Amber) play around, the fact that there is usually a puzzle or game to be done, and that they always have steel cut oats and healthy foods around.  They know me well!

Here are the pups; it’s no secret I’m pining for a puppy of some sort…

Anyway, after our crazy brick adventure we enjoyed the rest of the day at the pool, then came home to cook a delish steak/corn/salad dinner made with help from everyone, complete with photo bombs to prove it:

Plus a celebration with red velvet birthday cupcakes for the birthday girl.

We finished the night with a spectacular fireworks show, though I wouldn’t expect anything less from The Woodlands Smile

All in all, a pretty perfect 4th!

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