UAR 2012


I recently wrote how last weekend was a Perfect Austin Weekend.  We did a lot of fun activities, but the main event was the Urban Assault Ride.  David and I rode in the UAR last year and had tons of fun, so this year, we asked Laura & Bryan to go with us (David’s sister & her husband).  David & I were “Breauxs not Ho’s” and Laura & Bryan were “Knight Riders” – their last name is Knight.

Laura had her game face on bright & early!


I have to say I was really impressed Laura & Bryan rode their mountain bikes and conquered all the Austin hills.  David and I had it easy being roadies Winking smile

The ride is what you might call a less-competitive event, where there are a number of stations with games that you must complete to get a bead.  You keep a necklace of beads to show how many you complete.  You can bike to the stations, which are all over the city, in any order you want, you just have to get to them all before the finish.  Sometime during the race, you also get a clue for a mystery stop you have to figure out during the race.  The whole purpose of the ride is to promote cycling around the city, which is pretty cool.

Some of the games included catching rings on a stick while on your bike:


David’s beloved big wheels, where David and I forgot our bead and had to backtrack:


Pulling your partner through an obstacle course while they’re on a skateboard:


Changing your tire:


Just kidding!  Unfortunately there was a flat, but at least only one!  There was also balancing balls on sticks through an obstacle course:


And lastly a dip in the pool (you had to spell 4-letter words with tiles, but the highlight was really cooling off in the pool!):


We had an awesome time and were pretty exhausted by the finish.  We wished there was another lake stop like last year (water events = time to cool off).  Nonetheless, after a good 15-20 mile bike around the city, we were pooped and headed to Z-Tejas before saying bye and getting on the road again.  Let’s just say I was not enthused to be back to work on Monday after such a fun weekend!!

2 thoughts on “UAR 2012

  1. Awesome weekend with you guys! Thanks for the great recap 🙂

    To note, it took 2 patches and 3 tubes before I finally got my flat fixed. Don’t use crummy tubes…

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