HIM Training: Week 3

Writing this post while recovering from another long brick and slurping a tropical smoothie (ice, mango, pineapple, coconut water & whey protein powder – almost like a huge pina colada!).  Love my TIR Texas-sized mug.  I think of Brad Pitt in Troy saying “Come and Take It! It’s yours” every time I see it.

Oh, and enjoying my compression pants.  These will be on as long as possible today!

I made a new page for all my Kerrville Half Ironman training posts in case you’re keeping track.  This was week 3 of training, and this week’s planned workout was:


And below is the actual.  I really stuck to it this week, and definitely enjoyed my pink rest day with no activity!  I only missed one workout, a 30-min swim on Saturday due to some crappy weather, but I’d pretty much made it up on my 60-min training swims earlier in the week.


Some tri-related things from this week:

  • Swim practice has been going really well and my coach thinks my form has improved. I can’t say enough about how great a coached, organized swimming program is!
  • Everything smells like sweat – ewww!  David and I are going to implement a special laundry bin for all our dry fit clothing.  The rule is it must be peeled off directly after workouts and washed as soon as a load is ready!
  • I kind of feel like I’m working out all the time, because I basically am.  My legs aren’t really ever feeling “fresh”.
  • On longer bricks if I eat ~100cal every 45 minutes, I’m good to go.  David needs to eat that much every 40 minutes or less.
  • We’re both using Skratch Labs Secret Drink Mix while riding/running (small scoop for me) and it is amazing!  Doesn’t upset my stomach like Gatorade and many others have.

We also did some fun non-tri stuff this week, including date night at the Houston Museum of Natural Science; they opened a new paleontology hall recently and it’s way cool!

And walking our friends’ dog while they were out of town.  Do you think I need a puppy? Winking smile


Maybe something to think about post-half-ironman!

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