HIM Training: Week 2

Week 2 was definitely a success compared to my travel-filled Week 1.  If you’re just catching up, you can see my other recaps here:

Week 2’s plan included 2 swims, track, 2 bricks and a long run.  Oh yeah, I felt it in the legs this week.  Here is the Mon – Sun plan:


Much to my own amazement, I was able to get in all the workouts and then some!  It was harder than I expected, because the Houston area had 2 big thunderstorms Tuesday and Wednesday that cancelled my planned hill training (currently substituted for track) and swim practice.


I rearranged the schedule and was able to get everything in – gotta be flexible.  For the Wednesday brick (1-hr bike / 20-min run) David and I drove to George Bush Park and finished right before sunset:

It was actually really cool to see the wildlife during the evening – a big white bird (stork-like?) flew in front of me while I was biking for awhile, the frogs were chirping, and the alligator gar-fish were jumping around the swampy areas.

Then Friday was my longest brick to date (2-hr bike / 30-min run) in The Woodlands; my in-laws showed me a great 5-mile bike loop and 3-mile run loop.  They were both shaded and I really enjoyed the workout!  Unfortunately I didn’t slow done to take pictures, I was just concentrating on beating the heat.

You’ll see the schedule says “UAR” on Sunday, which stands for Urban Assault Ride, a really fun ride we did in Austin with Laura & Bryan.  Recap coming soon!

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