A Perfect Austin Weekend

We spent the weekend in Austin with Laura & Bryan (David’s sister & her husband), and it was everything I love about an Austin weekend and more!  Plus, I love hanging out with Laura & Bryan; they are so playful and remind me not to be so grown up all the time.

So what do I love about Austin so much?  Here is my must-do Austin weekend list:

  • Dine on the Water: Hit Hula Hut on Town Lake once you get in to town Friday evening.  Yes it’s crowded, but you can’t beat a margarita while watching the sunset.  Close to town and decent food.
  • Run: Town Lake has a great network of running trails.  David & I easily knocked out 6 miles Saturday morning, while people watching and enjoying the sunrise.
  • Refuel: After a morning run, Kerbey Lane has multiple locations for a great healthy breakfast (plus lots of veggie & gf options).  Another option, if you are in Austin on the right day is their morning farmer’s market.  Get the black bean & goat cheese tamales – delish!
  • Swim: Barton Springs Pool is a great watering hole to cool down at on a hot summer day!  An afternoon dip and some fun on the diving board was a highlight of our trip.
  • Drink: No, not at the bars, at Juiceland (formerly Daily Juice), which is a must for some hippie-inspired afternoon smoothies or juices.
  • Laugh: Master Pancake Theater is HILARIOUS.  Probably the best thing on 6th.  It’s basically three live comedians making fun of a movie while you watch it.  We saw “Twilight: Eclipse”… I would not have seen this terrible movie otherwise, but could not stop laughing!  These guys are good.
  • Bike: UAR is a great June event (which we all participated in and I will describe in an upcoming post), and Austin is generally a very bike-able city.  If you want a more serious road ride, Austin Tri-Cyclist has a great Saturday AM route with short and long options.
  • Eat Healthy: The Austin Whole Foods is the MECCA of all Whole Foods.  You must go.  I don’t go through Austin without stopping here at least once.  Seriously.
  • Shop: No, not for clothes – bike shop! Austin Tri-Cyclist, Bicycle Sport Shop Austin, and Mellow Johnny’s to name a few. David & I did this Sunday after Laura & Bryan headed home.

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