Kerrville HIM Training Program

I went to bed last night with a good excited/butterflies feeling in my stomach… I just signed up for a 1/2 Ironman!  It feels great to be stepping into the unknown.

First things first, my goals for this tri:

  • No time goal. Period.  This will be a hilly course and away from home; I don’t want to add excess stress.
  • That being said, I do want to ROCK this tri and feel strong, for me.
  • Have fun – I hope I’m smiling throughout the race and enjoying what is beautiful Texas Hill Country
  • Enjoy the journey and follow a training program.  I fully expect to be changing the schedule weekly, but not to slack.

So speaking of training programs, there are lots out there, but I decided a 16-week plan would be about right for me, since I already have some background in all three disciplines.  This free Amateur Endurance Half Ironman 16 week plan fit the bill.  I noticed that other bloggers used this plan for their first HIM, so it was probably doable.

I wanted to incorporate the following into my plan:

  • an Olympic tri
  • M/W tri swim training
  • Houston Fit Tues hill/track workouts & Saturday AM runs
  • A couple of weekend vacations (Austin & Chi-town!)

So I came up with this google doc (use the link for a better view):


Pink days are rest days or potential travel, not much rest, huh?  I’ll try to keep a recap of the training each week.  So far I’m already on week 2 and it’s been crazy, so stay tuned for more.

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