HIM, hmmm?

Oh, snap… I just registered for a Half Ironman! And not an easy one either.  I’m not sure what I’m getting myself into here, but David convinced me that I’d be prepared in 4 months.  He knows I’m both organized and hard-headed and will stick to a plan.

I was having a hard time deciding between the Texas Oilman and the Kerrville Half, but I landed on the Kerrville. It’s in September, in the beautiful Texas hill country, which makes it scenic, warm, and of course, hilly. Check out just one bike loop (there are two loops total):


My next post will be on the training schedule, which I’m very excited about.  Yeah, this type of training will be time-consuming, but it’s one of the  “big” goals I’d like to do before kids come along and really take up my time Winking smile  I saw a blog post on “Things I’m willing to give up for an Ironman“, and though I’m only doing a Half, I thought it was worth writing out what might change for me too.

Things I’m willing to give up for HIM training:

  • Time; two-a-day workouts are going to be frequent
  • Elaborate cooking: quick but healthy meals are going to be key.  Egg scrambles all the way!  Probably a few more to-go dinners (MyFitFoods) than we’ve previously been eating.  I also chose not to continue the CSA this season; for a few reasons including the prep & planning time required to use random veggies.
  • Yoga – I still want to do this once a week where possible, but it’d much harder to fit in with all the other workouts.  I’ll continue to be stretching a lot though.
  • Sleeping in.  But when do I sleep in anyway?

Things I’m not willing to sacrifice for HIM training:

  • Body Pump!  I’m totally continuing to strength train.  I just really love the class; I walk out with an endorphin high every time, and I’ve been staying injury free since starting it.
  • Time with my hubby.  I promised him tri’s wouldn’t get in the way of our time together.  Plus he’s doing it too by loosely following my training program.
  • Sleep.  I’m a sleeper.  Yeah, I’ll get up early, but I better be in bed at a very lame hour.
  • Listening to my body.  If I’m sick (like last week), I need to rest & recover instead of doing intense workouts.

All in all, I’m REALLY excited for this new challenge!  It feels like the first time I signed up for the MS150 and had no idea what I was getting myself into.

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