Test Run

I woke up at 4:30 AM this morning since I’m still slightly on London time.  So instead of lying in bed like a normal person, I decided to get up for Luke’s Monday AM Bagel Run with Houston Fit at 5:30.  It’s a 30-40 min run with core & bagels to follow, not shabby.

When I got to the store, a Saucony rep was there offering us to wear test shoes on our run.  I’ve been using Mizuno Wave Inspires for 2-3 years now, but decided to be open minded and test these guys:

Unfortunately they didn’t feel great, but I thought the wear test was a great offer and an opportunity to really test drive some shoes – I’d try it again with other brands if I got the chance.  What I did like is that they were light for support shoes, but what I didn’t like was feeling some pain in my knees plus a “flat” feeling in the sole (maybe not as cushy as I like?).  And I hate to say it, but looks do matter for my sporting apparel, and these didn’t come in bright colors.  Sorry, Saucony.

Anyway, I also went to swim practice today since I’d missed it all last week.  Today’s workout:

  • 200 w/u free
  • 200 kick with fins
  • 4×50 rotation drills w/ fins
  • 4×50 build
  • 2 sets: 4×50 easy to sprint, 200 negative split
  • 100 sprint
  • 100 c/d

As much as I wanted to skip it at first, it was a good workout.  Now time to go to bed for this sleepyhead!

2 thoughts on “Test Run

  1. I got fitted for some shoes on Sunday and I am pretty sure these are the same ones they had me try on also, I opted for a different pair (main reason was because of the color). They did feel funny on my feet, but I can’t wait to start running in my new shoes. 🙂

    1. Haha – it’s not just me that requires cute workout apparel 🙂 New shoes/outfits always give me motivation too! Hope your running is going well.

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