Houston Summer = Winter

Oh man, I couldn’t wait to be back home from London to the Houston heat – be careful what you wish for!  Just kidding, I actually love the Houston summer, even if it does get a bit hot.  It means getting up early for morning runs, great summer produce like corn & blueberries, and the unavoidable, but nice, tan lines.

David and I joke that “Houston summer is our winter”, as in if we can get through the three months of severe heat, then the rest of the time it’s pretty good!

Photo: Much needed coconut water after a hot 40-turned-60 miler! Happy to be home and having fun in the sun :) http://instagr.am/p/L_Im8ursjo/

Here’s a shot from the end of our ride today – a much needed post-ride coconut water.  We recently joined the Houston Racing Triathlon Club, so we decided we’d go to their monthly bike ride in Pearland.  It was our first time riding with them; the route was an out and back, choose your own distance sort of thing.

We were the only ones with road bikes since everyone had a tri setup, so we didn’t paceline and got a good solo workout.  We had planned to do only 40ish miles, but since David was feeling good, we continued on with a few strong women , all Ironmen (jealous) and did 60 miles.  Yeah, if David ever says he’s feeling great on the bike, I’m all for adding a few more miles Smile

Pearland itself wasn’t a bad place for a training ride; it’s not particularly scenic, but pretty flat and it had some nice long stretches.  I was impressed with the amount of women out on the ride – always love meeting athletic girls – and the support was great too.  I’m sure I’ll be going to more of their monthly rides.

As far as this weekend goes, I tried to make the most of it since I was feeling pretty darn crappy in London (jetlag + sick) last week.  My goals were to work out, clean the house, and go on a massive shopping spree at Whole Foods to restock our empty fridge.  All three were accomplished!  Saturday morning we joined Houston Fit for a fast 4 mile run, then I went to Body Pump ❤ love it!  Then today it was 62 miles on the bike in under 4 hours.  Now it’s time to sit back & relax in my compression gear; the Bachelorette is planned for tonight!

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