Sylvan Beach Triathlon Race Report

Thanks to all that liked the last post – I’m not sure which part was likeable (the swim workout maybe?), but I love hearing back from y’all!

This post is pretty exciting for me; guess who is now Miss 2012 Sylvan Beach Triathlon 2nd place Women’s 25-29 Age Group Winner?!  Yeah, I’m so pumped!  I shouldn’t mention that my AG was super small, but still…  This is my first “greater than sprint distance” triathlon, so finishing was a big victory, and placing for the first time was icing on the cake.


After a nervous sleep, David and I quickly ate breakfast – the usual glass of lemon water plus Udi’s GF bagel with almond butter for me – then hurried over to Sylvan Beach at La Porte, TX.  Parking & getting to the transition were pretty easy since this was a fairly small event.  The sunrise on the beach was actually really beautiful.


I set up my things, then hit the bathroom. I was nervous for no apparent reason and didn’t want to eat, but ate a Rice Krispy treat in case.


Team Breaux, ready to race:


Swim (1000 m, 24:37 or 2:28/100m)

There were only three waves, so the start was pretty fast.  We had to run into the water on this one, then follow a triangular course out and back.  I stayed on the outside, but still had some congestion.  I felt pretty good about my sighting and the swim went by faster than I thought it would.  It wasn’t as fast as my lake 288 swims, but I think that’s because I kept running into people and taking the long way around them.

The only thing I didn’t like about the swim were the nearby jet skis – breathing the exhaust was horrible.  And even though the water was as flat as can be, I didn’t care for the wave motion (I get seasick easily).  For those interested – here’s my Garmin output on the swim.  Doesn’t look very triangular??


T1 (1:18 min)

Pretty quick, but not as fast as it could be.  Fumbled with my shoe straps a little, and almost forgot my sunglasses and grabbed them last minute.  And some guy was all over the place in front of me while I tried to mount my bike.

Bike (30k or 18.6mi, 20mph avg)

I was really happy with this speed, though it was probably a bit strong.  My HR monitor wasn’t reading properly, so I just went for it and figured the run would hurt later, but at least I’d gain some ground now.  Looking back, I think I was around 160 bpm a lot of the time.

The bike course was nice: not particularly scenic, but safe, fairly flat and smooth.  The wind was minimal today too.  I ate a GU around mile 15 and sipped a little drink mix.  Again, I wasn’t hungry but thought I might need the calories before the run.

T2 (1:08 min)

Pretty quick bike-to-run transition.  Only error was thinking I had to dismount the bike after the line, but it was supposed to be before.  Luckily I didn’t get a penalty, since I dismounted as quickly as I could.

Run (8k or ~5mi, 9:16/mi)

Ouch, the run always hurts more than I want it to.  Maybe I should practice bricks… It was hot by this point and my stomach always hurts on the run.  Any advice here?  I kept thinking “just don’t walk, keep running no matter how slow”.

The run was through a nice neighborhood area, that I thought looked similar to Hawaii sometimes – nice beach, green gardens and bright houses.  The last mile was tough, but I sprinted to the finish for a total time of 2:08:03, 2nd in AG, and 112th overall.  I totally made sure we stayed for the awards so I could get my plaque Smile


David did really well too, but had a much more competitive AG.  He came in at 2:00:36, 13th in his AG, and 89th overall.

Post-race there was pizza, popsicles, cookies and fruit, none of which I felt like eating at 10 in the morning.  I did chug a coconut water and bacon-egg-rice bar from home after a bit though.

We headed home, napped, then went out for tacos (his request), followed by frozen yogurt (her request).  We earned those calories!

Now putting my feet up for the rest of the day and considering what my next tri will be…

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