Memorial Week in Review

Happy Memorial Day everyone!  Our last two Memorial Day weekends were spent in Moab, but this weekend, we decided we had too many errands to do and we’d just enjoy Houston.  So here’s what I’ve been up to lately:







Monday – 42mi ride at Bush Park

Tuesday – Body Pump & 3 mile Run

Wednesday – Swim Practice 2300 yd

Thursday – Body Pump

Friday – 1500m Open Water Swim

Saturday – 6 mi easy run

Sunday – 20 mile easy around-town bike

Monday – 6 mile run

It seems like a lot of workouts, but trust me, this weekend has really just been “active recovery” – easy workouts.  Other important updates from the week:

My latest oatmeal obsession is steel cut oats drenched in milk (like cereal), with summer fruit and chia seeds on top:







I got a Costco membership again.  So happy!  Our house is once more stocked up on massive amounts of toilet paper, olive oil, and snack foods.

We car-shopped for two days straight and did not find the perfect vehicle.  Still looking for a small SUV for the active young professional – that fits a bike nicely in the back!

Other than the stress of car shopping, we’ve had a relaxing couple of days, so I can’t complain.

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