So You Want to be an Ironman?

I enjoyed reading many of your comments on my last post!  Since writing that post I had the chance to catch up with a few of the guys that I mentioned that crossed that finish line on Saturday.  I thought you might be interested in some of their lessons learned (slightly paraphrased):

“I wish I’d worn more than just the same tri suit the whole event… lots of chaffing even with Body Glide since I was wet most of the time”

“After I finished I realized I hadn’t packed warm clothes in my bag for the end of the race.  My body temperature dropped and I luckily had a friend with a fleece that I could borrow”

“You do the training then all you have to do is show up and manage yourself… Stay with your plan”

“As much as I harp about going out too fast, I definitely made that mistake… started to cramp… then my stomach started going nuts.  They say nutrition is the 4th sport and I think that’s right… I have a new respect for anyone who crosses that finish line… that was much harder than I expected!”

“Hydration and attitude are the most important aspects of the race… The hardest thing I ever did was show up at the starting line”

I had a good long chat with my friend Tom, who asked what intimidated me after watching the race.  I told him, definitely the run, where people were looking terrible and in pain.  He basically told me that he believed in me, and he knew I would prepare properly leading up to such a race, and after that it’s all mental.  Tom told me the “it’s all mental” line a few years ago and it got me through many a long run and lead me to run a marathon, so I do believe it’s true!



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