Wow, so many good things about this week!  I don’t know which is the best.  Work was busy, but I managed to get in a lot of workouts – 3 swims, 2 bikes, 2 runs and 2 body pumps! Stellar.  It required a few early mornings, but I did it and felt good.

For someone that generally avoids swimming, 3 swims was a really good swim week – what happened you ask?  It started off with an early morning 1500m swim on Monday at the Y, but was kind of disappointed with how crowded it was.  So I decided to take the plunge and try out group tri swim training at Dad’s Swim Club on Wed evening, and I LOVED it. First, it was a outdoor 50m facility – the longer distance felt great (more applicable to tris too) and I really enjoyed being outside. Second, having a coach to plan your workout is awesome; the hour went by surprisingly fast. Third, I got to swim in an uncrowded lane with some really nice girls.

After being pumped up on my swim training, I decided Friday I’d try my first open water training swim at Lake 288 in South Houston.  I was a little nervous going on my own, but I sucked it up and arrived at a beautiful setting (I just loved the palm trees and huts):

I couldn’t think of a better way to spend a warm Friday afternoon than jumping in the water!  It was a great set up – sandy beach entrance with  a “perimeter 800m” or “triangle 500m” option.

I swam 1,000m continuously (2 x triangle route) with an average of 2:25/100m.  While I know it wasn’t fast, it was a huge confidence builder to swim continuously and feel good afterwards.  It made Olympic distances go from “scary” to “doable”.  So for those that are scared of open water swims, I highly recommend going to a lake training at some point – I wish I’d have known earlier!

After a quick breather & stretch, I swam 500m more, then headed home for dinner.  Mmm, dinner: slow cooker chicken tacos that I’d started before I left.  It made for a great Mexican flavored meal with some avocado, cilantro, cheese & brown rice tortillas.  This was my first time to use the slow cooker and it was AWE-some.  Who doesn’t love coming home to a cooked meal?

Anyway, as if this week wasn’t good enough already, I got to try out my *new* Kona jersey (birthday present from my parents in Hawaii).  I’m thinking my father-in-law that likes Longboarder and biking will be jealous of this jersey Winking smile

Lastly, I also got some great girl time in on a Sunday 7-mile morning run with my friend Amanda, then joined her later in the week for wine & the Bachelorette, where we thoroughly enjoyed laughing at the silly guys on the show.

Overall a great Spring week here in Texas.  Stay tuned for the IMTX Spectator Recap soon!

3 thoughts on “Swimmingly

  1. What a Fantastic week!! Koodos to you for pushing yourself to get out there and get some workouts in. I have never tried open water swim. Something about swimming in a lake still doesn’t get me overly excited. I too don’t prefer swimming. I choose biking and running any day! I have to force myself to the pool each time. Lucky for me, chlorine finally ate thru my googles last mth. Now I have an excuse not to go! But its summer, I guess its time to get new ones and hit the pool. I love your jersey btw, very unique colours on it.

    1. Thank you! It was a great week 🙂 I totally understand feeling forced to go swimming. Surprisingly the tri swim training and the lake swim were really fun and I’m looking forward to doing them both again this week!

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