A Thank You

Today is a special day to honor so many women in my life (Mom, Granny, Grandma Susie, Mrs. Breaux), but it’s a really special one since it’s also my Dad’s birthday.  I just hope my parents know how much they mean to me!

So thanks Mom, who has always put my sisters and I first.


Who helped me to survive high school and was always the “cool” mom that everyone wished they had.


And who knows me better than I do!  Thanks for everything you’ve helped me through and helped me achieve.  Oh, and thanks for my legs too Smile

And Happy Birthday to my Dad, who taught me what a trapezoid was at the early age of two and who spent many a “Math with Dad” session teaching me Calculus and other fun things.


And who later took me on my first road bike ride and who still (most of the time) can out-bike me.  My Dad has ridden many an MS150 with me and even from sea level to 10,000’ with me (Maui’s Haleakala – my hardest bike ride yet!).


Oh, and thanks for enjoying beers as much as I do after a good ride.

2009 MS150 018

You guys are amazing, I love you!

2 thoughts on “A Thank You

  1. Just saw this one… Dad and I didn’t have a dry eye between us. Love you a bushel and a peck!

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