Galveston Bike & Attempt to Kite

David mandated a sleep-in day on Sunday.  We tried.  We failed.  6 AM and we were up and hungry.  Oh well; after grabbing breakfast we were playing around with what to do – David wanted to kitesurf, but the wind was questionable, and I wanted to bike.  We settled on hitting Galveston so that David could kite and run if the wind was bad, and I could do a long bike ride.  We packed up our best-ever CRV and headed out.


Galveston is kind of far away, but it was fun to have a change of venue.  I’d get a straight, windy ride along the coast.


I mainly wanted to wear my new Betty Designs kit.  Just kidding, sort of, but I actually really liked having this kit on this ride because I was bright for all the cars to see!  It was like having a fluorescent yellow vest, but cuter.


About the route – this is part of the route for the Galveston 70.3.  It was 20 miles from the toll bridge at the south part of the island to Galveston, then I doubled back for 10 more miles.  It’s a great zone-out type of ride, you just get in position and go.  For most of the ride there was a large shoulder and it’s a really smooth road.  Near Galveston/East Beach on the north end, however, there’s a lot of traffic and cars parked in the shoulder.  And the ride isn’t right on the coast; you get a little ocean view, but not much.

Unfortunately for David, there wasn’t enough wind to kite, so he went on an 8 mile run, then became my support crew.  He checked on me once, then headed back south to check out Surfside where you can apparently surf, but there were no surfers there either.  Sorry David Sad smile  I was still all smiles to be riding:


I got 50 miles in around 3 hours and felt pretty good considering I did a tri the day before.  On the way home we scoped out bike riding routes near Texas City, another area David kites, but were unsuccessful.  Too much debris/high speed limits, and not much for scenery.  Maybe I’ll stick to the north/west side of town.

2 thoughts on “Galveston Bike & Attempt to Kite

  1. haha better luck next time with the kite! I noticed on your map – “chocolate bay”. hmmm 😀 Great ride & love the outfit. I’ve yet to own a set of matching jersey & shorts.

  2. I only wish there were a real chocolate bay! I haven’t ever heard of or noticed it myself, so I’m not sure what’s there. Thanks! I’m kind of a sucker for expensive workout gear like Betty Designs and Lululemon 🙂

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