2012 CB&I Sprint Triathlon

First tri of the season! I’m pretty excited to write this recap – I’m resting in a bunch of compression gear and basking in my 4th place glory. I know, only 4th, but I was hoping for just top ten, so I’m pretty excited! And this was with minimal pool time and no brick training (ouch).  Anyway, we did the CB&I Tri in the Woodlands, a sprint tri with a 500m swim, 15 mile bike ride, and 5k run.

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I wasn’t too nervous, but woke up anyway around 4-4:30, chugged a glass of lemon water, then ate an Udi’s gf bagel with some almond butter.  David and I had gotten our gear together the night before, so we packed up and headed out fairly quickly.  We parked, got marked, and set our things up in the transition area.  Here’s how my area generally looks:


We found Mr. & Mrs. Breaux who had come to cheer us on.  They brought their new dog, Amber, who is absolutely adorable and such a sweetie.  And a chick magnet.


I had some time to wait since my wave was going very last (ugh). David was one of the first waves; here he is waiting at the swim (he admits he was a little nervous since he had done zero swim training).  Heeey, cutie:


The swim was 500m and David was actually out of the water before I’d gotten in:


Finally, after the other groups had gone it was almost my turn.  Modeling my hot swim outfit:


Swim, 500m, 13:19 min, 2:39/100m (boo)

I’m not too pleased with my swim time, but in my defense, this was the largest group swim I’d done, and I was running into people all over the place and they were running into me.


The great thing about this swim was that the water was a lovely 84 degrees and the sand entry was nice.  I didn’t think the water was that mucky at all.

What I did find is that I need some serious help on sighting.  I almost ran into a kayaks and swallowed lots of water when I did try to look ahead.  Regardless, I felt the swim went by pretty quick and wasn’t too taxed by it (and that was without a wetsuit).


T1, 1:21 min

I actually placed 1st in my age group on this transition – wow!  Normally my transitions are terrible, so I laid my gear out and practiced the day before which really helped – sounds silly, but I highly recommend it.

Bike, 15 miles, 45:47 min, 19.7 mph

I was psyched to get on the bike – this is my strength.  The 15 mile course was very smooth, with slight uphills and downhills.  I felt pretty strong since we’ve been biking a lot lately, so I decided to push it as much as I could, and just deal with it when I got to the run.  I passed a lot of people which always motivates me.


And I did push it – I was second place on the bike in my age group! I bet the one in first had a TT helmet or something Winking smile

T2, 1:16 min

This was another quick transition for me; I just sat down, changed shoes, grabbed my visor and race number, and went.

Run, 25:46, 8:19 min/mi

Man – I got off the bike and could hardly run in to put it up! That’s what happens when you don’t practice bricks.  My legs were sooo heavy.  I knew they would be though, since I’d gone hard on the bike.  I kept thinking – just keep it around 9 min/mi and you’ll be fine.  I didn’t get warmed up until 1.5 miles into the run, then my legs were finally okay with running.  I know if I’d trained with more bricks/running I could do a lot better on the run.

The course went through a new neighborhood, which made things interesting, then the race ended on a hill (really just a bridge, but for Houston that’s a hill).


I was smiling and happy to be done, it was getting hot out!

Total time: 1:27:30, 4th place

I wanted to jump up and down – my goal was to beat 1:30, since my last tri of a similar distance was 1:35.  I did it, and managed to get 4th place in my age group (25-29)!!  My full results are here (questionable how the girl in first has blank entries??).


David wasn’t feeling that well, but still got 24th place out of 70 or so guys which is great since the 30-year old guys age group is very competitive!  My age group was significantly smaller with only 25 girls.

Post-race included beer (good quality beer at that), bananas, and some flexing:


There was a lot of food at the race, but we opted to go to breakfast at Walnut Café with Mr. & Mrs. Breaux.

Overall, this was a great and extremely well organized tri – lots of volunteers, nice gear bags, tech shirt, tons of signage and cheering – I would definitely recommend it!  The only possible downside is that the race is big; it caps quickly and there are lots of participants. Nonetheless, it’s a great time of year for a tri – just a beautiful day and I was so happy to be racing!

Next up?  Sylvan Beach tri in June – longer than a sprint and not quite and Olympic, AND it will be my first ocean swim!  Time to get to the pool!


6 thoughts on “2012 CB&I Sprint Triathlon

    1. Definitely – but if the tri has wetsuit strippers and it’s cold enough, I’d still wear a wetsuit. I think just practicing my transition is what cut the most time for me.

  1. Congratulations! Great job all around. I completed it also and I am a Clyde..the run just killed me (hamstring injuries) and it was hot as hell. I wished for an ice filled pool! Great time had, wife and kids to cheer me on made a difference! Sylvan beach ?? Good luck to you both.

    1. Thanks! I agree, a cold pool would have been nice 🙂 Yeah, the run got really hot for me too! We just signed up for Sylvan Beach tri last night; it’s longer than a sprint but shorter than an Olympic, so should be a good stepping stone. And it’s in the ocean which is pretty cool.

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