April Bikes & Eats

April has come & gone already!  I’m another year older, and I still haven’t celebrated since I was on a business trip, but I plan to soon… an Austin weekend trip is in order!  This spring weather is too nice not to enjoy.


With the MS150 complete, we’re now training for the CB&I Sprint Tri in a week.  Last Friday I got a bike fit at Tad Hughes Custom Fit Studio; below is the before and after.  To those non-cyclists it probably doesn’t look any different, but let me tell you, it feels like a whole new bike!  It’s a little more comfortable and less of a “race” position.  David is also going to get fit in 2 weeks since he is having bad shoulder issues on his new bike.


I’m still getting used to the new fit; it’s causing me to use my hamstrings a lot more, so I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.

Last week’s training stats:

  • Monday – rest!
  • Tuesday – Body Pump + 3 mile run
  • Wednesday – 1500m swim + 1 hour bike
  • Thursday – Body Pump + 3 mile run
  • Friday – SA visit; more rest
  • Saturday – 6.5 mile run, 1 hour bike, 1500m swim (yes I’m crazy, but David was kiting and I had free time)
  • Sunday – 52 mile hilly/windy bike ride

We rode at Chappell Hill today.  It was pretty nice, no crowds or anything.  For a post-ride treat, I made Allen Lim’s Rice Cakes from the Feed Zone cookbook.  Y’all know I love cookbooks, so naturally I had to buy a cookbook for cyclists!  Allen Lim has cooked for Levi Leipheimer, Lance, and a bunch of other famous Tour de France types.  The rice cakes are basically sticky white rice with bacon, eggs, & soy sauce made into a bar – seriously good after eating Gu’s all day.


Note my new and most awesome 910xt – wonderful birthday present from my hubby.   Will post more on that later.  Here he is also devouring a rice cake.


Other good eats – perfectly seared salmon with sautéed CSA veggies, using the sear-then-bake method:


Egg Veggie scrambles – sauté onion & veggies first, add some kale, then add eggs last (I do 1 egg, 3 whites and David eats more whole eggs).  Top with nutritional yeast, avo & Sriracha sauce – delicious!  I stole the idea/recipe from the Blood, Sweat & Beers blog.  I like their style of lots of veggies and less carbs for dinner.


We also order a local organic roast chicken from Revival Market pretty often.  You just call ahead an hour and you’ll have THE best roast chicken you’ve ever tasted waiting for you.   It pairs well with roast veggies or a big salad.  It also last a few meals, I used the leftovers recently to make zucchini-black bean-chicken tacos with sprouted wheat wraps & avocado.


Ok, well that’s all about what I’m stuffing my face with lately.  Time for dinner… steaks, corn on the cob & ice cream for dessert!

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