Spring 2012

Spring has almost come and gone!

Some memories/highlights of Spring 2012 (more like random clips from my phone):

Bike Season!  I convinced David to sign up for one last MS150 Houston to Austin Bike Ride.  Unfortunately for us, it’s been a windy and rainy season for us here in Houston, but I’ve still loved the training and am looking forward to the event next weekend.  The training has gotten me back into biking shape and I’m excited to continue biking throughout the summer.  Plus, I have a new bad-A bike outfit from Betty Designs which I’m obsessed with, and my speed was recently declared “criminal” by a paceline of guys I was pulling Winking smile


Oh, and David finally got a new bike, I’m really happy for him.  He looks really good on it.


Rice Cooker Awesomeness: I LOVE my very expensive Japanese rice cooker (wedding present).  Just plop in steel cut oats and water the night before, set it for 5 or 6 AM, and fresh steel cut oats are perfectly cooked and waiting.  With strawberries from our CSA being in season, breakfast has often looked like this (pictured with beet/carrot/ginger juice on the side):


Texas Independence Relay: I owe at least a full post for this one, but David and I signed up for our first 24+ hour running relay.  It was really fun!  We ran a total of 17 miles each over 27 hours in three legs.  I obviously finished strong and David was pretty exhausted near the end.  Haha, just kidding, David of course always kicks my butt running and we were both zombies by the end of this one!


Our Chevron team finished first in the Corporate Division – 26.5 hours and an average of ~7:45/mile for 203 miles!

13. Finish

Family/Friends/Fun: We’ve been lucky to have some down time for country dancing, dinners with friends, and dates too.  We recently spent Easter with David’s family and enjoyed lounging by the pool for a relaxing weekend.  Below is my country dancing outfit, and a picture from a local restaurant – loved the atmosphere & drinks, but the food was just okay.


Triathlon Training: yep, it’s here again.  David and I signed up for the CB&I tri in May in The Woodlands.  It’s a sprint triathlon.  I’m getting some swimming help from a friend from work and using the “Total Immersion” swimming drills.  David think I pretty much look ridiculous in the water doing the drills, but I’ve gotten over it.

Explaining a drill to David, do I look like a fish?


What can I say, anything to help streamline!


And in other tri news, I’m toying with the idea of a half Ironman and also buying a new tri bike.  What are your thoughts:

Is a Half Ironman too big of a goal and time commitment?  Am I crazy for wanting it?   

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