Mr. & Mrs. Breaux

We couldn’t have imagined or dreamed of a wedding that was more perfect for us than ours.  The night was just about fun and celebration.  The only thing we couldn’t believe was that it went by so quickly.  Before I knew it, David had whisked me away to the Ko’olina Resort where we checked in for the first time as Mr. & Mrs. Breaux.

We woke up in newlywed bliss.  Word.


We were pretty much starving by the time we got up and searched around the resort for breakfast and found their buffet.  David had snuck in a few Kombuchas for us, since he knows how much I love them Smile

A perfect breakfast: oatmeal, fruit, eggs and Synergy Kombucha by the beach!


My hubby with his eggs & bacon:


Then it was time for more lounging.  We were still pretty exhausted and opted to go read at the beach.  Ko’Olina has a nice little cove for swimming and laying out.


David couldn’t resist some beach shots of his new bride.


We enjoyed a few hours at the beach, then it was off to New Zealand for the honeymoon!  My posts are out of order, but the start of our honeymoon can be read in this post.

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