The Wedding: Dinner, Toasts & the Cake

After a brief happy hour in the back yard, we moved everyone to the front patio where the dinner would be held.  My mom transformed the front patio into this – amazing, no?


265      268

We had marinated shish-ke-babs the morning of, so the guys were put to work grilling:



Looks delicious, doesn’t it?  We had chicken and veggie shish-ke-babs, brown rice, marinated tofu, and an Asian salad.  A perfect menu.

Boudreaux had no problem being the drink server.


My Dad didn’t mind having a beer or two!


I enjoyed white wine (thank goodness, since I spilled some on my dress and it didn’t show).


Everyone helped out a little, which was really cool since we were hosting this ourselves.


My mom was running the whole thing from behind the scenes; all the credit goes to her.


We also got gorgeous Hawaiian special leis from our friends and windsurfing superstars Darren & Laura.


Guest shots:


Then it was time to eat!


I was sooo hungry after having hardly anything for lunch.  We chowed down and enjoyed lots of laughter being surrounded by our wedding party.


We enjoyed background music from the Gipsy Kings, Spanish Guitar, Jack Johnson, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Joe Strummer’s Mondo Bongo, Enrique’s I Like It (a slow version), and even Al Green.

Soon enough it was time to break out the champagne.


Grandpa made sure we didn’t go thirsty.


With champagne came the toasts.  We got some really heartfelt and funny toasts from Boudreaux, Elise, and our dads.



Then David and I said some nice words to all the guests.


Lastly, it was cake time.  Our cake was pretty awesome – Coconut cake with Lilikoi (Passion Fruit) filling.  I think everyone had their fair share.  We saved some for later, and it didn’t last with David around!


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