Wedding Day: The Ceremony

Welcome to my parents’ backyard.


The guests watched us from above as we exchanged vows.  I have to admit, I was a little nervous because I wasn’t sure what David would think of me with that much make up and hair spray on.  He just had a big smile on his face the whole time, so I knew he was happy.


We “patched” the vows together ourselves which included:

  • Thank you to our parents
  • Couple’s Story (David doing lots of activities to meet girls and me being an Ice Queen)
  • Reading of the Velveteen Rabbit (it reminds us of how we want to grow old together)
  • Exchange of vows/rings
  • Hands Ceremony


I was so happy to hold his hands and exchange vows, they were really meaningful to us.  I think there were even a few tears from the macho guys in the audience (Grandpa & Dad!).


Before we knew it, it was time to kiss the bride; David had me practice the kiss many times before Winking smile


Then there was some more kissing – we’re married!


We walked back up to the “Bier Garten” where everyone had drinks/appetizers,


and we signed our certificate and took pictures.


Groom’s & Bride’s families:


The wedding party got to take some fun pictures:



Ok, last kissy picture; it’s too cute not to include.


Stay tuned for the after-party!

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