Wedding Day: What to Wear

The Bride

Dress from Brickhouse Bridal in the Woodlands


I loved the dress in theory, but the corset definitely gave us problems getting it on.  It turned into a family affair!


The other thing is the dress was tied tight, which pinched in on my back.  Now, I consider myself slim and don’t think I have back fat, but the dress pinched my back in more than I like.  It was also fairly thick with material, but I found most dresses to be that way.

I bought two pairs of shoes, Tommy Bahamas jeweled flat sandals for the ceremony, and a close-toed Steve Madden pair for dancing.  The jeweled sandals were a hit.


And my favorite accessory was my earrings.  They were Nordstroms.  I was having a hard time picking them out, then a girl also shopping there said “I used those for my wedding, check out my pictures” and showed me pictures on her phone.  They looked great, so I snagged the earrings.


Our rings.  David went cheap, but I can’t say I did Winking smile


And lastly I wore a garter – from GracefullyGirly on Etsy.  David had picked it out for me; super cute with a feather even.  It was more turquoise, but I counted it as my “something blue”.


My something old was a handkerchief from my Granny that was wrapped into my bouquet.


The Groom

David had a custom suit made by some random guy he found on the internet.  He’s looking pretty old Hollywood handsome in these photos.


He also got his shirt made.  After much debate on tie color, we bought the boys’ ties at Macy’s.  We also got David new Kenneth Cole shoes (David only buys shoes every 5 years, so it was a win!).


The Bridesmaids

Luckily, my sisters have the same body type and knew what kind of dress they wanted.  At first I’d suggested a neutral color to be safe, but I’m so glad that Elise wanted a bright color that “popped”.  I think the pink was perfect.  The dresses were ordered online through J. Crew and no alterations were needed.


They also bought matching shoes (on sale!) through Piperlime.


As you’ll see in the upcoming pictures, the guests were more “island casual” – Hawaiian shirts, cute & comfy dresses.

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