Wedding Day: Morning, Hair, & Make-Up

Before I knew it, wedding day was here (actually, it seemed like it took forever to get to, since I couldn’t wait!).

I woke up bright and early after not much sleep due to nervousness and couch sleeping.  David and I had decided to stay in separate places so we wouldn’t see each other until I walked out in my dress.

My one request was that I get to go running on wedding day.  Everyone else was pretty busy, so they didn’t care.  I felt a little guilty that I went running while my mom, Elise & Mike were cutting garden decorations, but I figured it was my one day, right?  I wanted to get any pre-wedding stress out and feel thin!

After a hill run and my oatmeal egg-whipped breakfast, there were a lot of chores to do.  Getting table decorations ready, figuring out what materials to hang where, refilling the bubble tubes that had busted in the mail; it seemed like everyone had their part.

My mom, sisters and I spent a couple hours in the kitchen threading shish-ke-bab skewers, getting hors d’oeuvres ready  and chopping salad veggies.  All while a cake was delivered and flowers were picked up – phew!  I think my Dad and the guys were working on the yard/grill while we were in the kitchen.

Around 1 PM, the make-up artist came and the girls headed downstairs to get done up.  Gilli & Elise went first, and I hung out and ate a spinach salad while we all got ready.


By about 3:30 or 4 it was my turn, and the photographer had arrived.  One of my favorite shots; I feel like I might be on Project Runway here:


I had a TON of hairspray in my hair, but that was fine with me, I wanted it to be solid for the entire night.  Leslie, the make-up artist was great.  She used airbrush make-up (a first for me), and fake eyelashes as well.


I was actually pretty freaked out that I had too much make up on at the time, and that I wouldn’t look natural enough.  Can you tell my worried look here?


I shouldn’t have worried though, because it all worked out, and the pictures came out fabulous!


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