Pizza, Painting, & Pineapples

After our fun excursion on a boat, we had some land-based fun for the guests.  The rest of the party arrived on the 26th of December, so we had them all over to the house for dinner.  Since my Dad was involved with the planning, we had to have his favorite: Build-Your-Own-Pizza night.  We paired pizzas with painting (we had originally wanted to do a Tipsy Canvas event, but no such thing existed on the island, so we did our own).

But first, it was pizza time.  You can buy pre-made dough from Whole Foods (wheat or white), and that way you get to roll it out and toss it yourself.


My Dad made sure to YouTube how to throw pizzas correctly; he’s getting good:


After everyone had had plenty of grilled pizza and Longboard beer, we sat down for a painting class hosted by my very talented Aunt Gayle.  She had us paint different Hibiscuses.

She did an awesome job leading us, and I just loved how different everyone’s come out!  It was a little souvenir they could each take  home.


Day 2 of the Breaux-mance wedding experience was to visit the Dole Pineapple Plantation and check out North Shore for lunch.


The main reason we went to the Dole Plantation, a touristy place albeit, was for the Pineapple Maze (one of the world’s largest mazes I think).  We broke off in pairs to go find the answers.


Sadly, David and I weren’t so successful and we lost of our siblings who were in full blow runs through the maze in flip flops!  I think Elise had blisters the following days.


We were reminded New Zealand wasn’t too much farther!


Cool rubber-y trees & baby pineapples:


The group continued on to the North Shore for lunch while David and I headed back down south; David went to pick up Boudreaux from the airport, and I went home to help my mom with wedding stuff.  David & Boudreaux went back to North Shore for what looked like a beautiful day at the beach.


Bad-A girl surfboarders and paddleboarders!


They also went to the Polynesian Cultural Center, but said whatever you do, DO NOT go there.  Apparently it was worse and more touristy than Disneyworld.

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