So I’ve left a big gaping hole in my blog so far – I haven’t even talked about the wedding!  I left you at T-6 days until the wedding, then picked back up at the honeymoon.  So, I’m going to have to go in pieces.

As background, David and I wanted a really small wedding – 23 people to be exact.  First off we are cheap and that’s all that might fit in my parent’s backyard, but secondly, we wanted our families to get to know each other during their stays in Hawaii.  In typical Breaux fashion, we decided to host a number of activities in the days leading up to the wedding so that guests could get the full Hawaiian experience.

To prep for guests and the wedding, David and I arrived about a week early.  After a quick flight across the Pacific, we were happy to see my mom & Dad, looking tan and fit as always!


Side note – my mom just completed her Master’s degree and is now a Vice Principal at a high school in Hawaii.  I can’t believe she went to school, took on a new job and helped plan the wedding, she’s amazing!!

Anyway, we had a few days to activity & meal plan and finish up last tasks.  Being the typical bossy first-child that I am, I organized lists and wanted to check on all the details.  Do we need to check in with the cake ladies?  When are the flowers being delivered? 


After some debate, we settled on our final activity schedule for the guests:

  • Christmas Day Pontoon Boat ride to a sand bar
  • Build-your-own-Pizza & Painting Night
  • Pineapple Maze & North Shore Excursion
  • Surf Day
  • Wedding Day!

We had a few days of errands, mainly to get food for each meal where we were hosting 20 people (let me tell you, that’s a lot of food).

We also went to get our Marriage License, were David got a little teary eyed.  We were supposed to say “yes” that all the information was correct on our forms, and David excitedly said “I do”.  So adorable.

Luckily, we also squeezed in one relaxing beach day (I think my mom wanted us out of her hair).  I hit up the Hickam AFB beach for some windy paddle boarding with David, my Dad, and Gilli (my youngest sis):


Being that I was the bride and it was my one time to be a princess, I laid out most of the day working on my tan.


Life is rough when your fam lives in Hawaii!  Though seriously, you do miss them lots being that far away.

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