A Three Hour Tour

Christmas in my family has never been that traditional or regular.  We moved a lot since my dad was in the Air Force, so it was a little different every year.  One thing was the same – we always tried to get out and do something on Christmas Day!  Whether it was skiing or surfing, Christmas was a great day to do activities because it wasn’t crowded.

We needed to plan something fun for the Breaux-Sanders Hawaiian Christmas.  Somehow, my parents came up with the idea of renting pontoon boats.  So bright and early, we took the crew to the Marine Base.

Here we are with our “Welcome to the Breauxmance” tees, designed by my sister Elise and printed thanks to my Mom!


We had one too many in the group for my dad to take us all in one Pontoon Boat, so my dad drove a speed boat and my mom got her Pontoon license.  She was captain for a day, with help from her first mate, Bryan (my brother-in-law with lots of boating experience!)


The big group was on the Pontoon and the small group on a speed boat with my dad.


We took off for our “Three Hour Tour” and actually sailed right by the island that Gilligan was filmed on!

Where were we going?  To a sand bar in the middle of the ocean.  People go to the sand bar to play around or just sit in their lawn chairs and sun when the tide is low enough.

Of course this meant we had a lot of toys to bring.  Out came snorkel gear,




and kites (my hubby is a much happier person when he gets his kiting in, just like my dad!)


There was a lot of fun and goofing around.


In the middle of the ocean!


That evening we hosted everyone for lasagna dinner & played a charades-like game.  Complete with fruit, whipped cream & cookies for dessert.  Pretty good Christmas if you ask me.


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