The Breaux-mance Honeymoon: Bung-yyyyyy!

Hey Everyone!  Sorry I have been a terrible blogger lately.  Work, biking, cooking, and getting settled has taken over lately; more on that later.  But for now, here is a post on our totally amazing Bungy Jump experience!  The swing was still my favorite, but this was pretty cool too.

Back on our honeymoon, we were traveling towards Queenstown and we decided to stop on the way at Kaiwaru Bridge Bungy (totally normal honeymoon activity, right?).  It’s the “original” bungy jump, and is on a bridge that reaches over a river.  The jump is ~35m or 100’.  David had done it already, and I was considering doing a tandem bungy with him.


I watched a few bungy jumpers and was honestly pretty scared – obviously not that smiley in the picture above.  Part of me wanted to jump because I was so curious, but part of me thought “No way!”  Finally I told David to just sign me up, because once we’d paid, I couldn’t chicken out (the price is steep!).

We had to wait 10 minutes on the bridge watching others jump, and I just kept thinking, that’s a long way down, every time I looked down at the water.

Finally it was our turn.  They weigh you and adjust the ropes depending on whether you want to touch the water or not and give you waist harnesses.  They started prepping David first, and that’s when I realized they start by putting a towel around your ankles – a TOWEL!?!  That is definitely not a technical piece of safety equipment.  I was a little freaked out, but David seemed to think everything was fine; I mean, it took him a long time to tie the knot with me, so he wouldn’t just off me immediately, right?

After they wrap your ankles in a towel, they pull a series of straps around the towel then use carabiners to hook you in at a few places.  At least it seemed like there were multiple levels of safety devices in use.  And oh yeah, one of the guys strapping us in was new enough to where another guy was like “remember to do it such-and-such way” for tandems. I was thinking wait a second, this guy better know what he’s doing!!

Once our ankles were bound and we were hooked in, they had us scootch out to the edge.    That was the scary part.  We were to hold each others’ opposite waists then hold our outside arms up.  It was a long way down to the beautiful teal blue river far below.  I was trying to take deep breaths at this point and stay calm, and they had us look at various cameras and wave.  David just loves these scared-but-trying-to-smile pictures of me:

Suddenly the guy behind us was starting a countdown and then did a really fast 5-4-3-2-1!!  And I just didn’t think anymore and jumped while saying “Oh F***”!  (I don’t cuss a ton, but it came out here!)

The jump went so quickly, but it was such a rush!  I think I just screamed the whole time.  When I realized it was over we were both laughing and I got a kiss, but then we were bouncing up and down upside down and I started to feel a bit nauseous.  Good view of the towels here:

Soon enough you grabbed a pole from two guys on a boat and they pulled you down on to the boat.  David was already apologizing to them for my profanities, but I’m sure they’re pretty used to it!

My legs were so shaky from all the adrenaline, for most of the day after.

David had done so many bungys he wasn’t scared, but he enjoyed seeing the look on my face and how I reacted!  It was fun to do it tandem also, since we got to have the experience together.  I was pretty excited I did it after all; it was like getting over a fear or accomplishment (even though you don’t do anything but jump).

After calming down, we drove back to Queenstown, grabbed lunch, then headed up the Gondola for some luge runs.  It was a pretty short luge, but fun.

Beautiful views!

By that point, I was exhausted and we went to check into a hostel, but they somehow overbooked us, so we were sent to an alternate one, that was still okay.  We went grocery shopping and got dinner & breakfast supplies.  I can’t tell you how happy we were to cook our own meal.  We made some simple spaghetti and a huge salad.

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