Follow-Up Pictures from Black Abyss Tour

I talked about our Black Abyss Tour with the Glow Worms in this post, but at the time didn’t have pictures downloaded, so here they are now.  The only thing is, you can’t see the beauty of the glow worms from these photos, you’ll have to go on the tour for that!

Cheesy Group Photo

BWR2- 03-1-12-9am-Steve   Jess 004

Rappel practice before entering the caves.. yes they gave me Michael Jackson shoes.

BWR2- 03-1-12-9am-Steve   Jess 009

Goin’ in!

BWR2- 03-1-12-9am-Steve   Jess 010BWR2- 03-1-12-9am-Steve   Jess 017


Professional photo of what the zipline through glow worm ceilings is like (except it’s in the dark when you do it).

DW_2_Abyss_Girl_Abseiling_Under glowworms - Copy

Hot chocolate break Smile

BWR2- 03-1-12-9am-Steve   Jess 018

Right before they made us jump off a ledge into cold water:

DW_Abyss_Group_Jumping off ledge - Copy

Floating & crawling through the caves

BWR2- 03-1-12-9am-Steve   Jess 037BWR2- 03-1-12-9am-Steve   Jess 042

Waterfall climb #1 (prof photo, but you get the idea of difficulty).

DW_3_Abyss_Girl_Climbing up internal waterfall_Port 1 - Copy

Climbing up waterfall #3.  I actually lost a shoe here because the water was flowing so strong.

BWR2- 03-1-12-9am-Steve   Jess 048BWR2- 03-1-12-9am-Steve   Jess 052


BWR2- 03-1-12-9am-Steve   Jess 055BWR2- 03-1-12-9am-Steve   Jess 064

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