The Breaux-mance Honeymoon: Headed South

From Blenheim, we flew south to Christchurch then drove to Lake Tekapo in the central part of the Southern Island.  Our goal was to view the stars which are supposed to be really amazing in this area since there is little light pollution.  Our plan was foiled by the full moon that outshone the stars though.

Regardless, the lake was a beautiful aqua color.


We walked around the lake and I posed, and so did David.


Darn moon!


We woke up the next morning – David still sick, and now I was sick, by the way 😦

Anyway, we headed towards Mt. Cook.  It’s the mountain that Sir Edmund Hilary practiced on before climbing Everest.  Even though we didn’t feel well, we managed a 2 hour hike through Hooker Valley.

The glaciers were pretty awesome and craggy.


There were two swing bridges in the valley.  If you look closely I’m balancing on this one:


And David just hops across it with ease of course:


The hike was pretty easy and a good intro to the area if you don’t have much time.


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