The Breaux-mance Honeymoon Continues: Wanaka

We finally made it to Wanaka – known for its lakes, access to Mt. Aspiring National Park and as the place that real kiwis go for holiday.  We quickly realized it was a much less touristy town and kind of down-to-earth.

After a lot of debate on what to do there, we decided a rest day was needed.



We read and napped, then finally the sun came out and we tested the water – cold, but we donned our suits anyway and took a dip!  Then grabbed some ice cream on the beach.  Perfect.


While we were in town, my health food radar quickly spotted “Soul Food” organic café & grocer, so of course we had to eat there for lunch.  David had the most delicious venison lasagna and I had a gf veggie wrap with fresh pressed juice.  I liked it so much, we got to-go lasagna, salad, and quinoa loaf for dinner later that night.  David even helped me buy ice from the gas station to keep it cold in the car.  So worth it – ten gazillion times better than any fancy-schmancy dinners we had in the wine region!


I’m totally remaking the dishes at home – the lasagna was layers of brown rice lasagna, venison/tomato/kidney bean, sweet potato, greens/broccoli, topped with cheese & jalapeno.  The quinoa loaf had onions, carrots, carrow seeds, flax seed & was slightly yellow (curry?), with a sunflower seed, quinoa and sesame seed topping.  Licked my plate clean.


We were staying at a place near a farm with a 5-day old baby horse.  David captured it trying to stand, falling, then finally standing and walking – cutest thing ever!!


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