The Breaux-mance Honeymoon: Wine Country

Since we were doing a lot of adventure/hiking activities on this trip, I did request a relaxing stop in the Marlborough wine country.  I love Sauvignon Blancs & Pinot Noir, and this region is particularly known for both.  Our place was right in the middle of the vineyards:


We got up and got ready for biking through the vineyards.  Helmet hair avoidance:


We wore super-cool yellow vests (mainly because we didn’t want to get hit by other drinking drivers):


Vineyard pics


My Beau Breaux


Wine tasting progression; looking pro:


The tipsy couple post-tastings:


And then we were exhausted and napped/read by the pool.


We cycled ~20km and hit 5 or 6 vineyards; they are in really close proximity of one another.  A lot of the tastings were free, and we shared most of them for $5NZ if not.

For anyone going to the region, my favorite winery was Te Whare Ra, a family-owned organic vineyard.  Really enjoyed it!  Other winery recommendations are Highfield & Nautilus (which is even found at Costco).

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